Villa in Reem Residence Compound – October City

Project information

All systems function smoothly and are controlled from iPad, iPhone and Android-based tablet both locally from the apartment and remotely from any part of the world.

Lighting is controlled with the help of HDL equipment. Corridors are equipped with motion sensors and light is switched on/off automatically at night. Android-based tablet controls the light in the whole apartment, lighting scenes can be saved . Lighting is also involved in global scenes : “Leaving”, “At home”.

All blinds and curtains are controlled from key pads and touch panels. Blinds are involved in global scenes, for example in “Cinema” scene

they are automatically closed in home cinema.

Centralized control of conditioners, convectors, radiators and warm floors. The mobile interface can control temperature in each room remotely. There is a special mode to view fast all climate settings in the house.

Different sources can be listened to at the same time in rooms

Safety and Security with multiple Door Sensor, Infrared Motion Detector, and Gas Detector and Water Leakage Detector .

scenes «All Off», «Nobody home», «Security», «Home cinema», «Going to sleep».

outside video surveillance system with a capability to see the video on a PC and a tablet.

Equipment of the project

Council are celebrating the incredible achievement of the Companies and Stakeholders. Due to BIM’s fast invasion in all over the world specially in the North America Region, we are one of the top 10 nominated Consultants for Council Architectural/Design Practice of the Year Award. Model Council are celebrating the incredible achievement of these Companies and Stakeholders. achievement of these Companies and Stakeholders.


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