RealEstae Products

Touch Screen Digital Catalogue

A 2D animated presentation for display of project plans, info, details and prices in a user friendly
and attractive approach that is more attractive than the ordinary printouts and is also portable on
laptops, main advantages and key selling points.
a-  Digital content that is animated and user attractive
b-  Digital content equals lower cost and less time to apply modifications in content or info
c-  Portable and supports all devices (pcs, laptops, touch screens and tablets)
d-  Can be static for presentation purposes and selling activities
e-  Can be dynamic and integrated o the CRM system for more advance features such as displaying
unit status real-time or reserving a unit

Integrated CRM Module:

CRM software acts as the sales office backend for real Estate developers; it automates the process of selling
projects units starting from unit display, unit selection and across all reservation and selling activities. It
helps every one using the system to keep track of his data keeping the project units in center of attention.
The key selling points are:
a-  Automatic storing of new client leads , client info storing , tracking and management
b-  Sales agents reminders and notes, client feedback
c-  Unit reservations and unit selling process automated
d-  Payment plans and automated installments tracking
e-  Contracts management and tracking
f-  Reports

Integrated Analysis module:

Integrated analysis module can be used to track and analyze all projects data generating business
intelligent insights, feeding the system with selling information generates insights of bestselling
prototypes and sales agents performance, similarly feeding the system with any other data will analyze
this data and produce the required charts