2MP Vandal-proof Embedded with Cognimatics’ TrueView People Counter™ Network Camera MD7560X

In today’s competitive retail environment, success is dependent on a thorough understanding of existing and potential customers. Constantly changing customer preferences, eroding customer loyalty and the inherent co-megapixellexity of large retail organizations demand increased analysis of the customer behavior.

Based on Cognimatics’ patent pending technology for Cognitive Vision, TrueView People Counter™ offers cost efficient, scalable, and easy-to-install people counting. It is a powerful stand-alone people counting application embedded directly in VIVOTEK network camera MD7560X, allowing users leverage existing IP networks. People counting is done locally on the camera, dramatically reducing Ethernet bandwidth requirements. The complete solution is easily installed in an existing local area network and configuration can be done at any physical location using a standard web based interface.

VIVOTEK MD7560X is a compact, 2-megapixel network camera geared toward transportation applications such as buses, trains, and other vehicles. With full EN50155 compliance & IP67-rated design, the camera can withstand shock, vibration, humidity, dust, and temperature fluctuations, maintaining stable and reliable video during vehicle movement. Furthermore, the vandal-proof metal housing effectively provides robust protection from vandalism. As such, the combination of high resolution imaging and protective housing endows the MD7560X with the rugged reliability required to maximize passenger safety and optimize mobile surveillance.

By utilizing high definition 1600×1200 resolution, the MD7560X can deliver extremely clear and detailed images, achieving accurate identification of people or objects with ease. Video footage of in-vehicle passenger activities or vehicle accidents captured with this camera can thus be used for post-event forensic evidence.

With the tamper detection feature, the MD7560X becomes a truly robust and intelligent camera that keeps security staff notified once it suffers video loss from being blocked or spray-painted. >PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) also allows the camera to be operated and powered with a single Ethernet cable, giving greater ease of installation. In order to facilitate on-board storage and data portability, the camera is also complete with a MicroSDHC card slot for local recording.

The MD7560X also offers a broad spectrum of advanced features, including QoS for optimized bandwidth efficiency, IPv6 for next generation networks, temperature alarm trigger, HTTPS encrypted data transmission, 802.1X authentication for secure network protection.

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